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Key Points in the Selection of Industrial Connectors

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China Neo Power Energy Tech Limited certification
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Key Points in the Selection of Industrial Connectors

August 30, 2022
Latest company case about Key Points in the Selection of Industrial Connectors

Industrial connector is an indispensable part of modern industry. With its full specifications and mature technology, connectors have been widely used in various fields such as intelligent manufacturing, aerospace, high-speed railway, automation technology, rail transit, and 5G communications.

Industrial connectors can be divided into circular connectors and square connectors by shape, and can be divided into power connectors, signal connectors, medical equipment connectors and automation technology connectors by application.

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How to choose industrial connectors?

1.Structure and size: The overall size is very important. There must be certain spacing restriction in the connection, especially the connector on board, which cannot interfere with other components. Select the proper installation method (front, rear, screwing, crimping rings, rivets or quick locking etc.) and shape (straight, curved, T, circular and square) according to your space and installation position.

2.Shielding: With the development of communication products, EMC has become more and more important. Shielding is realized by the metal shell connected with the shielding layer of cable. The plug can be wrapped with copper shell and soldered with the shielding layer of the cable.

3.Poka yoke: There are two situations for mis-insertion: one is that the connector is 180 degrees reversed, resulting in wrong signal connection. The other is that the same connector is used for several signals to reduce the materials.

4.Resistance: Some signals require resistance, especially RF signals, which have higher requirements on resistance. When the resistance is unmatched, it will cause signal reflection, which will affect the signal transmission. General signal transmission has no special requirements for the resistance of the connector;

5.Reliability: connectors are used for signals, so the connection parts should be reliable.

6.Environment: there are special requirements for connectors when used outdoors, indoors, in high temperature, humidity, salt spray, mold, cold and other environments

7.Applicability: connectors with wide applicability are advisable in choosing connectors, especially of the same series. In this way you can reduce the types of materials, reduce costs, and mitigate supply risk.

8.Inter-locking: In order to prevent the connector from falling off when mating, the connector needs to have inter-locking function to ensure good contact.

9.Purchase cost: Cost is an important factor. With the increasingly strong competition in the market, the costs of connectors and processing need to be taken into consideration.

10.Mating cycles: Whether the connector can be used in harsh environments. Environments for application are mostly harsh, and there are many types of connectors for harsh environment, they are resistant to high temperature, high humidity, corrosion, and salt spray. Please choose connectors according to your needs.

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