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company news about The Development Trend of New Energy Vehicles in The Future

China Neo Power Energy Tech Limited certification
China Neo Power Energy Tech Limited certification
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Company News
The Development Trend of New Energy Vehicles in The Future

Electrification: Electric vehicles will become the mainstream of new energy vehicles, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles will occupy the majority of the market, hybrid vehicles will gradually withdraw from the market, and fuel cell vehicles will have a breakthrough in specific areas.

Intelligent: Intelligent vehicles will become a feature of new energy vehicles, and technologies such as vehicle operating systems, vehicle base maps, vehicle-pile information sharing, and cloud-control base platforms will be widely used, and functions such as autonomous driving, vehicle networking, and vehicle-circuit coordination will be gradually realized.

Internet connectivity: Internet-connected vehicles will become the highlight of new energy vehicles, and new energy vehicles will form efficient interactions with the power grid, the Internet, the Internet of Things, etc., to realize intelligent charging, energy scheduling, data sharing, value-added services and other functions.

Greening: Green vehicles will be the goal of new energy vehicles, which will mainly use clean electricity and realize zero emissions, and at the same time will promote the development of renewable energy sources, facilitate energy transition, and achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

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